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The Calling for Submission is a twice a year event. One for the Winter roaund and one for Summer round. The submission for this ranges from 1,500 words to 3,500. It can be a thesis or a long essay, all depending on your desired topic. This submissions would fall into our Journals category.

If you would like to submit a short essay, we have a Blog category which we accept all year round, no deadlines.

Prior to submission however, every content undergoes peer review for revisions or suggestions in order to further improve it. 

Long Essays: max: 1,500 words
Thesis Style submissions - per ICU guidlines: 3,000-3,500 words
Short Essay: max: 500 words

For now Ad Pacem accepts papers in English or Japanese

The short answer is no. We only will look at completed work, so we cannot help give ideas or write your thesis for you. However, once your thesis is finished, if you want to submit to us an abbreviated version (within the 3-5 page limit) we will work with you if you journal is selected to publish it in our online journal. 

No need to print a hard copy! 
Please email it at : adpacem.icu@gmail.com

If you want to write something specifically for our blog or journal and want to work with us to see what topics we might want to feature, you can reach out to us at adpacem.icu@gmail.com. We won’t write the article for you, of course, but we are happy to briefly outline some topics to explore. 

Proof reading contents to commentary or helping you come up with a topic.

In an event where a student is participating in an essay contest, Ad Pacem reserve its rights to turn down a submission on the grounds of submission rules where the external help is prohibited.

Yes, we will review Japanese submissions by tapping into the graduate student community at ICU.

Almost all fields of study can somehow relate back to peace. We do encourage creative writing so a topic of your own choice is welcome, and doesn’t specifically have to be written from a peace studies perspective. 


International Christian University
3 Chome-3-10−2 Ōsawa, Mitaka-shi, Tōkyō-to 181-8585


Email: adpacem.icu@gmail.com