On Exploring Peace

and its Possibilities

Through academics, creativity and engagement in society. We believe peace in all forms are worth exploring. We are ICU students and associates.
We are Ad Pacem.

Ad Pacem

is a Latin term for "Towards Peace"


Numerous environmental issues face our world today from climate change to water security. Research on the planet as well as securitization of resources falls under this domain.

Civil Society

Work related to community and grassroots movements comprises the civil society domain. This includes research on humanitarian groups, charities, and other non-governmental organizations.


Peace in Other Domains

Any other research related to public policy or peace studies and enhancing understanding within these fields that doesn't come under any other area would fall within this category.

State and Non-State Actors

Research within the field of international relations dealing with either state actors, such as governments or regional governance as well as non-state actors falls within this domain.


What we offer

Ever thought of a great idea but never had the chance to share it to everyone? Ad Pacem is here for that reason; to help you further that idea and be able to project it to a bigger audience or turn it into a reality.

Enhance your writing skills

Ad Pacem members are composed with equipped members in the fields of arts, science, literature and technology. From practicing lawyers to web developers, the diverse community that we have will be able to help you write a paper of your interests may it be a thesis, short essay, blog content or even a proposal .

Show the world your ideas

With Ad Pacem's connection, what we aim to do is show your work to a wide audience through workshops, lecture or creative sessions such as presentations or simply a brown bag session. Picture this; you have an idea to change something through your paper and someone out there wants that idea to be heard to turn it into a reality, think of Ad Pacem as a bridge, we are here to help you along the way. 


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